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Is your company looking for cost effective ways to increase sales, woo new customers or create customer loyalty?
Are you looking for ways to effectively brand your company and keep your name infront of the people most likely to want to buy your product or service?

SAY has the solution to your needs. We specialize in providing consulting services for your company's Marketing campaigns. We will work with you from start to finish to insure that your promotion is more than just a give-away. We work with you to make your campaign a success!

SAY places a high priority on customer service

You are investing good money into your special campaign or project. We offer value to you by sweating the details so that you don't have to.

SAY is committed to helping you get your message across using effective customized advertising and promotional medium. SAY is not just a source for promotional products. We take an active interest in increasing the marketability of your company.

Showcasing your company name and logos on your advertising products will enhance your sales expansion and will increase your bottom line company profits.

The promotional products you choose will impact your success and continued customer awareness. We look forward to helping your company. We hope to earn the right to be your promotional products company and would consider it a privilege to be of service to you.

If you have something to SAY, we'll help you SAY it

Six Keys to developing an Effective Marketing or Promotions Campaign:

In order to develop an successful Marketing campaign you must answer these six questions...

1. What is the reason for the promotion?
2.   Who is the ultimate target group?
3.   Where is your target group going to receive the promotional product?
4.   Where are they most likely to be when are most in need of your product or service?
5.   What do you want them to do in response to your message?
6.   When do you want to see your results?

When we SAY marketing, we mean results!

We at SAY look at Promotional Products differently than most companies. We believe that the promotional products that you choose are simply the tools used to help make a campaign successful. Anyone can sell you a pen or coffee cup with your name on it.

Everyone enjoys giving unique and innovative items to their clients. However, if the product does not help you achieve your intended goal then what's the point? While giveaways have their place in building name recognition, there is a big difference between "giveaways" and a well thought out targeted marketing campaign

Pens and coffee cups are great time tested mediums for getting your message across, however they are only effective when used appropriately as part of a well designed and executed marketing str

When we SAY marketing, we mean business!

ategy. SAY is here to assist you in designing the right strategy.



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